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      “We are delighted to be the first customers of SDLG Excavators in India,” says Keyur Thakrar, Director, Swayam Shipping, “It’s really reliable because it’s backed by Volvo.” Read More

      • Keyur Thakrar
      • Director, Swayam Shipping
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      No one can beat this one “But that’s the work of 10!’ People exclaim, when I tell them our one SDLG LG938L Loader has successfully worked day and night for 50,000 hours.” Read More

      • Balvindar Singh
      • Owner, JST Company
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      We purchased six SDLG wheel loaders in a span of 12 months. In such a short time, we have been convinced of the reliability, efficiency and versatility of SDLG wheel loaders. Also, our operators love the fact that it’s smooth and easy to use. Read More

      • Rahul Koraganji
      • MD, Golden Shipping & Trading
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      “With the G9190 graders, we find ourselves consistently achieving high productivity while saving on costs. The best thing about the SDLG G9190 motor graders is you get all the performance and support you want — while smiling all the way to the bank,” Read More

      • Yograj Deshmukh
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      Fully Loaded - Trust, Value and Service 20 hours a day, 500 hours a month - every SDLG Wheel Loader runs like a factory by itself. This level of produtivity and performance, well, it means you always go to the bank - smiling!" Read More

      • Sreeram
      • Owner, Varhakhe Services