This place is special. It is rich in history dating back several centuries. Its geography is unique – the only district in India that borders four states. And the land is an industrial paradise – endowed with abundant reserves of coal, limestone, bauxite, even gold. “Sonbhadra is where the past, present and future meet,” says Ravindra Jaiswal, Owner, Icchita Motors. “We have a culture handed down generations that values and rewards good work. Sonbhadra is called the “Energy Capital of India’ – multiple power plants are located here. The economic potential and business opportunity this place promises to coming generations is – unlimited.”

A well diversified business house, Icchita Motors is based out of Duddhi – a nagar panchayat of Sonbhadra District. “For the record, Duddhi is the largest tehsil in the country in what is the second largest district of Uttar Pradesh,” adds Jaiswal. The Company undertakes material handling for a number of companies, notable among them Northern Coalfields Limited and Grasim Industries. Assisting Icchita Motors in its operations are four SDLG Wheel Loaders – two each L946 and GL936L models. The machines are hard at work, day in day out, feeding, lifting and unloading coal – from mines across the yards to the power plants.

Investment that pays for itself

“We average close to 500 hours of output a month with SDLG Loaders,” says Jaiswal. “That’s nearly 20 hours a day – it’s possible only with SDLG.” According to him, SDLG Loaders are workhorses, designed to take on heavy duty cycles. They are built rugged and go about their job with ruthless efficiency. But the key feature, he points out, is the remarkable fuel efficiency the machines offer. He emphasizes, “If you handle your SDLG Loader well with simple regular maintenance, like the way we do, it’s a win-win. You get huge savings in diesel consumption – at least 60-80% – plus output boost. It not only takes care of instalments but also helps recover investments in no time. That’s SDLG for you – takes much less but gives a lot more.”

Jaiswal thinks the world of local dealer, Alpha Teknisk, for the service they provide. “Thanks to their support, machine downtimes are negligible,” he says. “On a call’s notice, they go out of the way to keep our SDLGs up and running – hats off to them!” Clearly, Ravindra Jaiswal is one happy man. He is pleased with his Company’s achievements, proud of his team’s efforts and cherishes the association with SDLG. “I am so satisfied with SDLG that I no longer consider myself a customer – I have become the brand’s vocal salesman,” he says.

The secret to lasting partnership

Icchita Motors is looking ahead to a future full of possibilities. The Company is in the final stages of sealing a multi-crore railway contract. Efforts are underway to firm up deals with more power plants for coal handling. And there are plans to expand operations to new geographies. All of which will generate fresh demand for capital, people and of course, SDLG equipment.

But Ravindra Jaiswal is more than just a dynamic entrepreneur. He is a man on a mission, driven by a purpose greater than the sum of his business. He is quietly championing social activism around Sonbhadra District, focussing on clean water supply and overall rural development. “To move forward, you have to give back,” he says. “And let’s be clear, the happiness that lasts in any activity or relationship comes when you give more than what you take. I have personally experienced it with SDLG.” He signs off with a smile, waving to his SDLG Operator in the distance.

Icchita Motors and SDLG – a forever partnership