SDLG India has come up with a groundbreaking launch: the all-new Telematics App! This cutting-edge application is poised to transform the way we interact with vehicles & Management of the equipment to enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience for all users.

With our Telematics App, users can now seamlessly monitor and analyze various aspects of their machines, ranging from real-time tracking of location to insightful data on fuel consumption, work efficiency, operating behavior, and maintenance alerts. Our app’s intuitive interface makes accessing this information effortless, empowering user to make informed decisions and optimize their driving experience like never before.

The key features of our Telematics App include:

  • Machine status & working
  • Machine Tracking : Keep tabs on your vehicle’s location and movement instantly.
  • Fuel Level
  • Daily fuel consumed
  • Engine Temperature
  • Daily working time
  • Idling time
  • Working efficiency
  • Alert information
  • Monthly Reports
  • One click repairs request.