The SDLG team has always been at the forefront of initiatives which involve skill training, enhancing technical competency and improving employability & machine familiarity. We make this happen through our Training & Competency team at Bangalore, who schedule round the year sessions via classrooms teaching &online broadcast programs. Through these session, the below are taken care of,

Train the trainer – Training the Dealer Operator Trainer

Train the customer operator – Training the operators at customer sites

Train the industry operator – Training operators from the industry to improve their employability

Customized training modules Training teams at customer sites with regard to special application, attachment or machine needs. SDLG experts train the customer’s operators for optimum utilization of the machines. This training is carried out on-site, as well as at our Bangalore customer care centre. SDLG also offers training for customers’ maintenance crew and mechanics about reducing the downtime of machines by maintaining them in the best condition.