Many of us don’t see the obvious. Zinc, for instance, is in abundance in our everyday life and yet we know surprisingly little about the metal. Zinc is a natural component of the earth and an intrinsic part of our environment. It is present in every cell of the human body, in the food we eat, in the products we use. “Yes, we don’t see its real value but the fact is, zinc is the fourth most widely consumed metal in the world by industry after iron, aluminium and copper,” says Dasharath Singh, SS & Company. His colleague, Manohar Singh adds, “Zinc can be found in anything and everything – from paints to batteries, planes and cars…even sunscreens.

They should know. Dasharath Singh and Manohar Singh are Project Managers of SS & Company at two of the largest zinc mines – Chanderiya and Dariba Mines – of Hindustan Zinc Limited. One of the world’s largest zinc producers, Hindustan Zinc Limited operates several mines across the State of Rajasthan. As logistics contractor, SS & Company is engaged in material handling for Hindustan Zinc Limited. Assisting the Firm in the movement of material across the massive mining complex is a fleet of twenty-five SDLG Wheel Loaders.

Better performance that endures longer

Four of these machines have already achieved 25,000 working hours and ten other machines have logged in over 12,000 operational hours. “It’s remarkable,” says Dasharath Singh. “All the heavy lifting for hours on end, day after day – our SDLG Loaders do it without a sweat.” According to him, every SDLG Wheel Loader is a classic combination of power, speed and flexibility – making it a machine of choice for material handling in any operating situation.

Manohar Singh believes the 4-ton & 5-ton range in particular, stands out in terms of productivity, fuel efficiency and operating ease. “They get more work done in less time with less effort and at lower operating costs – now that’s what we call ‘Perfect Machines’,” he says. Both concur SDLG Wheel Loaders are designed to perform better and built to endure longer. “Most machines can take this much and no more, especially in tough work conditions. But not our SDLG Wheel Loaders – they show no sign of tiring, even after twenty thousand operating hours. Expect more and you get it!

Ready for the future, together

Breakdowns are rare and when there is one, help is ready at hand from the local SDLG Dealer, BSES Solutions based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. “They don’t waste a moment – both on and off the site,” says Manohar Singh. “They know how much machine uptime matters – not just to us but to our client too.” The support is comprehensive in terms of spares and service.

As a major player in mining logistics, SS & Company is focused on enhancing end-to-end performance and value creation to maintain its competitive advantage in business. The Company is looking to expand its reach to new customers across more territories. Immediate plans include acquiring at least six new 5-ton Wheel Loaders in the next few months. The number could vary depending on demand but the choice of brand is clear. “Of course, it has to be SDLG – the best in its class,” says Dasharath Singh, “But that’s quite obvious for everyone to see, isn’t it?”

SS & Company and SDLG – setting benchmarks in material handling