SDLG makes a landmark debut in the excavator market with launch of E6135Fi 

So far as Wheel Loaders go, SDLG has been-there-done-that for hundreds of customers across India. Nearly 2000 machines in operation for over a decade now in every nook and corner of the country have proved what “Reliability in Action” really means – delivering predictable performance with minimum fuss.

But while blazing trails with Loaders, there was no presence in the excavator segment. Not anymore though. “The all-new E613Fi Excavator has just been launched,” says Surat Mehta, Head – SDLG India, “We have taken our first baby steps in a market that’s growing by the day.” Built to perform efficiently and endure rigorous work conditions, the SDLG E6135Fi Excavator is a versatile 13 ton machine featuring a robust structure with remarkable stability. At the heart of the machine is a powerful four-cylinder DDE Engine coupled with an energy-saving hydraulic system and state-of-art electronics. They combine to deliver more power and better reach with less fuel consumption while ensuring excellent operator comfort.

The first two units were delivered to Swayam Shipping Services Pvt Ltd at Mundra Port in Gujarat. “We are delighted to be the first customers of SDLG Excavators in India,” says Keyur Thakrar, Director, Swayam Shipping, “It’s really reliable because it’s backed by Volvo.” Swayam Shipping has been with SDLG for 10 years now – they already have a fleet of 17 SDLG wheel loaders. A few machines have even clocked 40,000 hours of output and still going strong. The E6135Fi Excavators delivered to Swayam Shipping are customised with log grappler attachments to suit the customer’s specific need – handling large volumes of logs at the Port in quick time with ease. “That’s very typical of SDLG,” says Keyur Thakrar, “They go out of the way to deliver more than they promised in performance and service. It’s an experience and partnership we will always cherish.”

The SDLG E6135Fi Excavator is ideal for a wide variety of demanding urban and rural tasks – from road construction and foundation laying works to trench digging, canal building and beyond.

Jesal Vora, Dealer Principal of West India also adds, SDLG brand has been well accepted for its balance of reliability and cost effectiveness. We are confident that with the given expanded offering of Excavators it will serve the needs of the fast changing Construction Equipment needs across all work segments.

While the 13 ton excavator market is large, the competition is stiff. But Surat Mehta is unfazed. “More the merrier,” he says, “It gives us more opportunities to differentiate a quality product from the pack and get to the top of the game in no time – like we did with our Loaders.”