There are Companies that prefer to stick to the tried and tested, limiting their challenges. Then, there are Companies that thrive on challenging the limits, making things happen against the odds. Sekhawati Enterprises – based out of Jaipur in Rajasthan State – stands out as a fine example. Over the years, this Construction Firm has built up a formidable reputation executing tough projects across sectors – from highways and railways to mining and building constructions – on time, every time. “In fact, tougher the assignment, greater our joy,” says Sanjeev Mittal, Owner. “Whatever the task, we believe we have the resources to deliver, to complete satisfaction of our customers.”

Assisting Sekhawati Enterprises in its daily operations are three SDLG G9190 Motor Graders, among other equipments. These Graders have been around for nearly five years now, clocking in thousands of man hours across a variety of rough terrains. “The G9190 Motor Grader is a true workhorse,” says Sanjeev Mittal. “It can go on and on, delivering incredible output for days on end, without a bother.”

The Power of One

According to Balvindar Singh, the SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader is really no- nonsense equipment built to withstand the most demanding conditions. He believes the machine construction is robust, the machine speed and turning angles excellent, and overall operating efficiency just perfect for any material handling operation. Another big factor, he reckons, is maintenance – machine breakdowns are minimal and far between. That’s a clear advantage in a business where it is equally critical to be both fast and reliable. “And if at all we have a service issue, help is ready at hand within hours,” says Balvindar Singh.

At Ballarshah Paper Mill, the record breaking performance of SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader – day-in day-out – continues to stun many. “People find it amazing that one machine can handle so much, so fast, so well,” says Balvindar Singh. “The best part is, the machine still looks almost as good as when we bought it!”

Setting new benchmark in productivity

According to him, superior engine horsepower backed by a sleek and versatile hydraulic system gives the SDLG Motor Grader a distinct edge in its class. He believes the transmission, axle and engine systems are perfectly synchronized in the machine. That enables it to pull off any type of levelling or related works, faster and better. “What takes other machines two or three rounds to do the job, the SDLG Motor Grader executes in one go. That’s a huge boost to productivity,” says Sanjeev Mittal.

Clearly, it’s investment that has made business sense for Sekhawati Enterprises. Cutting-edge productive efficiency backed by high machine uptime has ensured continued profitability for the Company over several projects. Sanjeev Mittal is a happy man. “We have equipment that delivers precision levelling with ease and speed,” he says. “And if at all we have that rare breakdown, service is available on a call ensuring minimal downtime!” he adds, referring to ready spares and support provided by local dealer, ESDEE Solutech. “What more can we ask for!”

Building trust to another level

Sekhawati Enterprises has come a long way since inception. But the Company looks at the future like a start-up. “We feel we have only just begun,” says Sanjeev Mittal. “The road ahead is full of opportunity – especially for our business.” While the Company is already operating in neighbouring States, plans are afoot to expand further.

Sanjeev Mittal is optimistic on all counts. He believes, this is perhaps the golden age for infrastructure development in India. And he, along with his team and equipment, are determined to rise to the challenges ahead. “At the end of the day, if you want to achieve beyond expectations you simply keep pushing the limits,” he says. “With our dream machines around backed by total support from SDLG, who can stop us!” He signs off with a smile, pointing to his SDLG G9190 Motor Grader levelling away in the distance.