Fully Loaded – Trust, Value and Service :

“20 hours a day, 500 hours a month – every SDLG Wheel Loader runs like a factory by itself. This level of productivity and performance, well, it means you always go to the bank – smiling!” – Sreeram, Owner, Varhakhe Services

Krishnapatnam Port never sleeps. At any point of time during day or night, this aweinspiring seaport facility, stretching as far as the eye can see and beyond, is abuzz with activity. Thousands of machines are on the job, hauling tens of thousands of tons of coal, cement, wheat and other cargo. From great ships through sprawling stock yards to wagons, lorries and trucks. And the other way around, back on to the great ships.

Born to deliver beyond expectations

“The seamless movement of materials in the port complex is an awesome spectacle, no doubt,” says Mr Sreeram, Owner, Varhakhe Services – one of the leading contractors at Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited (KPCL). “At times, it does appear quite impossible. But eventually, things get done, day in day out, with clockwork precision. Hats off to the port authorities!” Varhakhe’s SDLG Wheel Loaders are at the forefront handling thousands of tons of cargo daily – including coal dust, food grains and fertilisers – at the docks, the stock yards, all around the port. There are 15 SDLG Loaders in operation and they include the 3-tonners (LG936L) and 5-tonners (LG958L). Each one a powerhouse in its own right, going about its job with ruthless efficiency.

Says Sreeram, “20 hours a day, 500 hours a month – every SDLG Wheel Loader runs like a factory by itself. This level of productivity and performance, well, it means you always go to the bank – smiling!” He has a point. A typical SDLG Wheel Loader is designed for high duty cycles. It’s very rugged, sophisticated and relatively easy on the pocket. What that means is if one works smart and hard with an SDLG, like the way Varhakhe does, one can comfortably double outputs at practically half the cost. “So you effectively get to recover your investments in half the time,” quips Sreeram with a smile. “That’s how good the machines are – winners all the way!” No wonder, Varhakhe Services continues to expand its SDLG Wheel Loader fleet by the month. In just over three months, the Firm has already purchased 15 Loaders. And plans are afoot to add at least five more machines in the near future.

Cutting-edge service is the key According to Sreeram, what really sets SDLG Loaders apart is the unmatched service. “In a time-bound business where you simply have to stick to schedules no matter what, it all boils down to people,” says Sreeram, “we share a deep and trusting relationship with SDLG.” One of his four partners in business, Anand Kumar, readily agrees. “Thanks largely to the service SDLG provides, our machine downtime is negligible,” he adds. SDLG’s channel partner Hyderabad-based Detroit Mining & Construction Equipment Pvt Ltd has even set up in-house service facility to attend to any service requirement on the spot. “We just want to ensure the doctor is always there should the patient need any help,” says Bhanu Prasad, Director at Detroit Mining.

All in all, it’s a partnership that works well on the ground and in the hearts. Sreeram is clearly proud of his team’s efforts and the overall performance of SDLG Wheel Loaders. He attributes his Firm’s amazing run of success to them. “I tell you, I really couldn’t have hoped for better people or machines to work with!” He says. As KPCL grows and expands even further, so will Varhakhe Services – delivering ‘loading & unloading’ solutions of value on time. Sreeram, as always, remains modestly optimistic, though. “See, it’s like this. I promise only what I can deliver. Then, deliver more than I promised – like SDLG.”

He couldn’t have closed it any better.