No one can beat this one :

“But that’s the work of 10!’ People exclaim, when I tell them our one SDLG LG938L Loader has successfully worked day and night for 50,000 hours.” – Balvindar Singh, Owner, JST Company

Balvindar Singh is a man of few words. But when he speaks, people listen. “Material handling is tough – you need to continuously learn and improve – the margin for error reduces with each passing job,” he says, “That we have been around for 40 years in the business helps.” Balvindar Singh runs Jaswant Singh Transport Company – a family concern based out of Chandrapur in Maharashtra. The Firm bears a strong reputation in the area for handling the most challenging assignments with consummate ease. A case in point is coal handling at the Ballarshah Paper Mill. “We have been entrusted by this Company for one tough job – coal handling,” says Balvindar Singh. “It’s a matter of pride for us to be their Chosen One for this job for years now.”

Assisting JST Company in their day to day operations at the Ballarshah Paper Mill is a single SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader. Bought in 2010, the Loader has been at work, sometimes over 20 hours a day non-stop, hauling coal up to distances of 200 metres. Balvindar Singh estimates the machine has already logged in more than 50,000 hours output. “‘But that’s the work of 10!’ People exclaim, when I tell them our one SDLG LG938L Loader has successfully worked day and night for 50,000 hours,” he says with a smile.

The Power of One

According to Balvindar Singh, the SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader is really no- nonsense equipment built to withstand the most demanding conditions. He believes the machine construction is robust, the machine speed and turning angles excellent, and overall operating efficiency just perfect for any material handling operation. Another big factor, he reckons, is maintenance – machine breakdowns are minimal and far between. That’s a clear advantage in a business where it is equally critical to be both fast and reliable. “And if at all we have a service issue, help is ready at hand within hours,” says Balvindar Singh.

At Ballarshah Paper Mill, the record breaking performance of SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader – day-in day-out – continues to stun many. “People find it amazing that one machine can handle so much, so fast, so well,” says Balvindar Singh. “The best part is, the machine still looks almost as good as when we bought it!”

Handling with poise

From modest beginnings, Jaswant Singh Transport Company has come a long way to emerge a player of standing in material handling and transportation. Balvindar Singh credits family values and team effort for all that his Company has achieved so far. “And of course, the painstaking efforts put in single-handedly by our SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader,” he adds.

JST Company stands poised on the threshold of an even more promising future. The Government’s thrust on ‘Make in India’ along with a slew of new manufacturing policy initiatives will, according to Balvindar Singh, only increase demand for material handling and transportation and consequently more material handling equipment. “No prizes for guessing what will be our one and only option,” he signs off with a smile, acknowledging his operator inside the SDLG LG938L Wheel Loader, waving his hand.