The G9190H Motor Grader is built for heavy-duty applications, delivering high productivity with top-notch speed and efficiency. The versatile machine can be used for ground levelling, spreading, shaping, slopping, cutting & clearing.

This Motor Grader is also widely used in construction of roads, airports, defence engineering, mine construction, road construction, irrigation projects and farmland improvement amongst others.


  • The powerful CEV-IV certified engine of the Grader has four power modes which can be used on the basis of the load and task for an optimum and energy efficient performance.
  • The ROPS/FOPS compliant air-conditioned cabin of the G9190H is safe and reliable with a good sealing performance to withstand difficult weather conditions. It also has a wide visual field which allows high operational accuracy.
  • The lubrication-free and maintenance-free Swing frame offers shock-proof and wear-proof functions which are easy to operate.
  • Shovel nose tool structure and cylinder is reasonably arranged, with high levelness in operation.
  • A centralized-control and electronic monitoring system makes the G9190H a convenient machine to operate. With the automatic cruise control function, the operator will not feel fatigued.
  • In addition, options to mount auxiliary appliances such as the mid-mount Scarifier and rear Ripper give G9190H the multitasking ability.

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