Every SDLG Loader is a result of 40 years of experience in the Construction Equipment Industry. Productivity development is a continuous process for SDLG. Classic combination of power, speed, manoeuvrability are the results of SDLG’s environment friendly CEV-IV Engines, VRT Transmissions, Axles, Hydraulics and Lift Arm system. This state-of-the-art machine allows you to get more work done and more profit.

The most suitable 5.5 Ton Payload Wheel Loader for Bulk cargo handling in Mining (Coal, Iron Ore, etc) Industrial Bulk Cargo, Road Projects, Stone Crushers, Ports & Tunnelling application. The only loader in its class with a Standard Long Arm to handle Rail Wagon & Coal Dump Trucks.

  • CEV-IV Certified engine
    The CEV-IV engine is very environment friendly. The high torque at lower rpm gives the SDLG machine an outstanding rim pull. The engine is designed to reduce sound level in the cab to ensure better operator comfort and performance. The Turbocharged low-emission, high performance engine is equipped with air-to air intercooler. Its Electronic engine control unit regulates fuel, for optimal performance in all operating situations. The electronically controlled CRDI engine optimises performance with the help of the “3 Power Modes”. The Eco Mode saves fuel without compromising production.
  • VRT Automatic Power Shift Transmission
    World Class & Proven VRT Semi-Automatic Power Shift Transmission enables fast and efficient work cycles by means of Direct Reversing & Kick Down functions. It reduces cycle time, resulting in more production. Semi-Automatic Transmissions ensures the following safety aspects,

    • Smooth gear shifting through electrically operated SolenoidsNeutral/Start interlock protecting function
    • Take off speed limit function
    • Power cut off function in the working gears in case of any abnormality
  • In-house developed Axles
    SDLG’s axles are an integrated part of the drive train, it adopts the strengthened driving axle featuring latest technology and performance. It provides greater bearing force, machine stability and reliability.
  • Smooth and effective breaking
    SDLG L958H has Air over hydraulic disc brakes with single brake pedal. They have long operating life, service friendly and gives smooth and effective braking action.
    • Electronic controlled automatically applied emergency brakes with power cut off function
    • Parking brake is electronically controlled Pneumatic caliper disc brake
  • Hydraulic System
    Patented hydraulic control mechanism is adopted with dual pump confluence interflow with load sensing hydraulic systems, results in more power which makes the operations faster & more production and increased reliability. Working pump matched with the engine power which greatly increases the production efficiency.
    • Single Joystick Pilot control valve ensures smooth & easy operating condition for the operator
    • Improved seal structure adopted for the whole hydraulic hoses which increases the sealing reliability
  • Clean and comfortable workspace
    SDLG provides excellent workspace for the operators. The cab is ROPS/FOPD compliant and ergonomically designed with inbuilt air conditioner as standard fitment for optimum operator performance with reduced noise inside the cab. Large windscreens, narrow pillars ensure panoramic visibility, thus further increasing safety, Comfort and Productivity go hand-in-hand.
  • Attachment for every need
    The L958H multi tasks with great ease. Apart from the different Bucket options, optional attachments like Log Grapple, Pallet Fork, Side Dump buckets are available. The L958H fitted with these attachments can easily be found across India handling your material with ease.

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