L956H EV

L956HEV electric wheel loader is a revolutionary powerhouse combines cutting-edge electric technology with SDLG’s renowned reliability

It offers powerful performance while significantly reducing emissions and operating costs

This Versatile, eco-friendly, and designed for maximum efficiency, the L956HEV is not just a machine it’s a step forward towards a greener, more productive tomorrow

Main Features

Mature Platform:

  • Box-type frame, long-span articulation, and long wheelbase for better load distribution and stability
  • Standard Long arm with best-in-class dump height & Hinge pin height makes it easy to load trucks with elevated bodies
  • Unified hydraulic cylinder design with high-end seals and wide guide belts for prevention of leakage and scuffling
  • Working Device with lightweight and high-strength technologies ensure high life

Reinforced Drive Components:

  • SDLG’s reinforced drive axle and drive shaft for heavy-load conditions
  • Highly Reliable Automatic Planetary Transmission with latest VECU technology for optimal transmission ratio

Brake System:

  • Brand-new drum-type brake with high braking torque for parking brake
  • Fully hydraulic service brake system with imported components, ensuring safety and reliability

Optimized Hydraulics:

  • Well renowned hydraulic components used for best performance & long life
  • 24” cone seal for joints and pipeline connections, eliminating leakage
  • Optimized hydraulic pipeline routing to reduce wear and interference, improving reliability

Electrical System:

  • Waterproof, dustproof, and anti-looseness design for harnesses
  • Industry-renowned brand cables with good wear resistance and a long service life are utilized
  • LED Working Lights for efficient and durable illumination


  • Advanced lithium battery technology for high energy density, safety, and extended battery life

Motor & Electronic Control:

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor with variable frequency and speed for high power, reliability, and longevity
  • Well-constructed electronic control platform for precise control and customer-specific calibration

Electric Drive Units (EDU):

  • Independently developed EDU optimizes power transmission for excellent performance, acceleration, and response. It features continuously variable speed change and automatic gear shifting

Intelligent Control & thermal Management System:

  • Deep learning-based system adjusts power output based on load, vehicle speed, and machine conditions for easy and comfortable operations
  • Ensures normal machine operation in various temperatures and load conditions
  • Intelligent adjustment of cooling power enhances safety and reliability

Ergonomic Cab Design:

  • Latest generation cab with ergonomic layout, spacious interior, and excellent visibility
  • High-grade suspension seat, adjustable steering column, beverage refrigerator compartment, and HVAC for optimal driving comfort
  • 7-inch LCD for information display and transmission via bus
  • Features bus A/V and keypad virtual operation for high human-machine interaction

Convenient Inspection and Maintenance:

  • Large-opening hood with side and tail doors for easy access to motor, battery, ECU, and hydraulic systems
  • Easily accessible Lubricating points from ground level and option for automatic centralized lubrication system to ease daily maintenance
  • Electrical system follows centralized control mode for convenient maintenance

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