The E6150F is a construction powerhouse with a high-torque, low-RPM DDE engine and 10 optimized work modes for efficient performance. Its electronic unit pump (EUP) design ensures high injection pressure and fuel quality tolerance.

Renowned for durability, it features a reinforced boom, arm, and undercarriage, along with chromed pins. The advanced hydraulic system, breaker piping, and various bucket and track shoe options enhance versatility.

Safety is prioritized with protective features, a spacious cabin, excellent visibility, and comfort amenities. Maintenance is simplified with large engine hood openings, centralized filters, and a user-friendly computer interface for quick diagnostics. The E6150F excels in reliability, efficiency, and adaptability for diverse construction tasks.

  • Performance: Fuel-efficient, powerful turbocharged engine with ECU control
  • Hydraulic System: Efficient with double pump confluence, regeneration, and priority functions
  • Structural Strength: Reinforced X undercarriage, boom, and arm with robotic welding
  • Durability Features: Anti-wear bucket, chromed pins for extended life
  • Advanced Technology: New-gen electronics, color display, self-fault diagnostics
  • Versatility: 10 work modes, auto-idle, automatic travel speed selection
  • Safety & Comfort: Well-matched engine and hydraulic systems, excellent visibility, adjustable fabric suspension seat
  • Maintenance Convenience: Wide hood openings, grouped filters, ground-level access to electrics, computer diagnostics
  • Additional Features: Anti-slip plates, powerful A/C, tinted glass, silicon oil shock absorbers, multi-function LED display
  • Options: Breakers, buckets, cabin protection, multiple track shoe widths, extra work lights

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