The SDLG Hydraulic Excavator E6135Fi is a 13.5 ton machine with a powerful four-cylinder DDE Engine coupled with an energy-saving hydraulic system. It delivers both power and fuel economy by minimising fuel consumption and noise. Teamed with an Electronic Unit  pump for higher ignition pressure and better combustion. The SDLG E6135Fi excavator is ECU controlled.

It has multiple filters for prolonged engine life and 10 work modes with an auto-idle function. An efficient, load-sensing hydraulic system that delivers class leading performance and efficiency. With all these features, smooth operations are guaranteed with a reliable and durable machine that provides excellent stability. A versatile machine, the E6135Fi is ideal for a wide variety of urban and rural tasks.

  • It has a powerful and long-lasting engine.
  • The 3-stage fuel filters and 2-stage air filters ensure prolonged engine life
  • The fuel water separator also helps extend engine efficiency
  • The 10 work modes and auto-idle feature make sure the engine is in top shape
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system in the excavator is efficient, responsive and smooth to operate.
  • The excavator’s robust structure consisting of an integrated frame for balanced load distribution, reinforced structures and large ground clearance make it a stable machine.
  • The robotic-welded, high-strength steel plates, stringent NDT procedures and reinforced joints also make sure it lasts long.
  • The GP bucket is also wear-resistant to ensure it lasts 20% longer.
  • It is a safe and comfortable machine with excellent field of vision, large rear-view mirror, lock lever, silicon shock absorbers, 6-way adjustable mechanical suspension seat and more.
  • It is also easy to maintain with grouped filters, electrical and lubrications points and easy access at standing height.
  • Optional attachments such as ditching buckets, LM buckets, Log grapples etc. can also be easily used.

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